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Introduction to Kidswise Kidswise aims to teach children from the Bible the good news about Jesus, so that they can become wise for salvation (2Timothy 3:15). Kidswise also aims to teach Christian children God’s truth, so that they can grow in making wise and godly decisions (2Timothy 3:17). Kidswise is a web site that aims to provide quality material for teaching children the gospel at affordable rates. To gain access to the programmes and resources, teachers need to pay an annual membership fee. This web site will continue to grow as resources are written, tested and edited. The web site includes a growing number of children’s talks, units of work (children’s talks and group time activities), leader’s training papers (on various aspects of teaching children), resource and audio files (for example, a gospel track and memory verses put to song).

Worship House Media for Kids

A Great place to find material for Kid s Ministries. Check it out today...

Quiz Worx

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